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Broody Barn

Shown with Painted Wooden Sides and Roof

Shown with Metal Sides and Roof


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Sizes   Number Inside
Available Price Of Nests Square Feet
4x8 Metal Siding $725.00 0 32
4x8 Painted Wood Siding $625.00 0 32


This is of the most versatile buildings we have for Poultry

  • Broody Pen
  • Growing Pen
  • Broiler Pen
  • Chicken Hospital
  • Secure Duck House down by the Pond
  • Isolation Pen "Place to Put New Birds Before you Introduce them to the Flock"
  • Breeding Pens
  • Rabbit Barn
  • Great Place for Guineas
  • Turkeys



We can make this building just about any size from 4x8 and as large as 12x24.

You can use any of these shed sizes as a guide for pricing. We would just need to add the wire front and door.

Small Animal Sheds

Deluxe Small Animal Sheds

Large Animal Sheds

Deluxe Large Animal Sheds


All prices are increased 25% above list price until further notice.