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Broody Barn

Shown with Painted Wooden Sides and Roof

Shown with Metal Sides and Roof


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Sizes   Number Inside
Available Price Of Nests Square Feet
4x8 Metal Siding $1046.00 0 32
4x8 Painted Wood Siding $902.00 0 32


This is of the most versatile buildings we have for Poultry

  • Broody Pen
  • Growing Pen
  • Broiler Pen
  • Chicken Hospital
  • Secure Duck House down by the Pond
  • Isolation Pen "Place to Put New Birds Before you Introduce them to the Flock"
  • Breeding Pens
  • Rabbit Barn
  • Great Place for Guineas
  • Turkeys



We can make this building just about any size from 4x8 and as large as 12x24.

You can use any of these shed sizes as a guide for pricing. We would just need to add the wire front and door.

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