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We Custom Build Every Cupola Right Here In Our Shop

Our custom cupolas come fully assembled and ready to install. All you need to do

is choose your colors and let us know your roof pitch. Then choose an optional

Weathervane and we will get back with you on a delivered price.

We do not recommend using these cupolas as a venting tool. However if you are

wanting a vented Cupola choose that option. We do feel our vented cupolas are

the best design out there.

Sizes Available Price Vented Best Weathervane Size
12" $300.00 $350.00 24"
15" $325.00 $375.00 24" or 30"
18" $350.00 $400.00 24" or 30"
24" $400.00 $450.00 30"
36" $650.00 $725.00 30"


Need help deciding what size to order. Give us a call or send us an e-mail we will be happy to help.