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Deluxe A-Frame


Inside view showing removable floor


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Sizes   Number Number Inside Outside
Available Price of Birds of Nest Square Feet Square Feet
4x8  $1,840.00 8-10  16  32 
4x10  $1,900.00  12-15  4  20  40
4x12  $2,081.00  15-18  6  24  48


Features Included:

  • Metal Roof and Sides
  • Metal Trim
  • Finish coat primed smart panel on end walls
  • Overall height of building 6-0"
  • Insulation under metal roofing
  • Heavy guage 1x2 galvinized welded wire on pen
  • Roosting poles inside and outside
  • Building interior has a removable wooden floor
  • Outside pen has a dirt floor
  • Small Chicken Access door
  • Access doors for both building and pen
  • All exposed lumber ACQ treated
  • Supplied with our custom made wooden hanging feeder
  • Rooster silhouette

Available Options:

  • Wire floor for outside pen add $64.00 for 4x8 model
  • Wire floor for outside pen add $80.00 for 4x10 model
  • Wire floor for outside pen add $120.00 for 4x12 model
  • Rooster weather vane add $45.00

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