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Cattle Mineral Feeder With Hinged Roof


6-0 Footer Shown Above

6-0 Footer Shown With Roof Opened



Sizes Available 48" From Ground to Roof 54" From Ground to Roof
6-0 Bunk with 8-0 Roof $569.00 $638.00
8-0 Bunk with 10-0 Roof $616.00 $690.00
12-0 Bunk with 14-0 Roof $839.00 $931.00


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Features Included:

  • Hinged Roof
  • All Lumber #2 ACQ Treated
  • Box is constructed out of Dried Tongue and Grove Lumber
  • All bolted and Screwed together
  • Heavy Primed and Painted Steel on legs
  • Galvalume Metal Roofing
  • Trimmed Edges on roof "No Sharp Edges to cut you our Livestock"


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