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Mini Economy Poultry Yard


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    Number Number Inside Outside
Size Price of Birds of Nests Square Feet Square Feet
4x8 $1,335.00 8-10 3 16 16



Features Included:

  • Finish coat primed smart panel sides and roof "Unpainted"
  • Galvanized metal trim
  • Interior has a wooden floor
  • Outside pen has a dirt floor
  • Skylight for natural lighting
  • Vent window in rear with predator resistant wire screening
  • Outside egg collection
  • Overall building height is 4-0"
  • Roosting poles inside
  • Access doors for both building and pen
  • Supplied with our custom made wooden chicken feeder
  • Rooster Silhouette

Options Available:

  • Wire floor for outside pen add $40.00
  • Painted with painted metal trim add $75.00
  • Painted with painted wooden trim add $150.00
  • Painted Metal Roff Option only $65.00

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