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Mini Mega Poultry Yard


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6x10 "Front View"

6x10 "Back View"


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    Number Number Inside Outside
Size Price of Birds of Nests Square Feet Square Feet
6x8 $2,671.00 10-12 4 32 48
6x10 $2,972.00 12-15 4 32 60
6x12 $3,217.00 12-15 4 32 72


Features Included:

  • Colored Metal roofing and trim
  • Painted Smart Panel Siding
  • Painted Wooden / Metal Trim
  • Outside egg collection doors
  • Building is 6-0 tall in the front down to 5-0 tall in the rear
  • Heavy guage 1x2 galvinized welded wire on pen
  • Roosting poles inside and outside
  • Skylight in side walls for natural lighting
  • Building interior has a wooden floor
  • Outside pen has a dirt floor
  • Small outside and inside chicken access doors
  • (3) Large access doors
  • Full sized walk door into pen
  • Chicken ladder to access top floor
  • Venting windows with predator resistant wire screening
  • All exposed lumber is ACQ treated
  • Supplied with our custom made wooden hanging feeder
  • Insulation under metal roofing
  • Rooster Silhouette

Options Available:

  • Electrical Package
  • Wire floor in outside pen add
  • Removable Upper Wooden Floor for easy cleaning

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