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The Cackleberry

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3x6 Pictured Above

4x8 Pictured Above


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Sizes   Number Number Inside Outside
Available Price Of Birds Of Nests Square Feet Square Feet
3x6 $1,628.00 4-5 3 9 18
4x8 $1,865.00 10-12 4 16 32


Features Included:

  • Painted Smart Panel Roof and Sides
  • Painted Wood Trim
  • Outside Egg Collection Door
  • Removable Nests for Easy Cleaning
  • Roosting Poles in Top and Lower Level
  • Window for Natural Lighting and Ventilation with Predator Resistant Wire Screening
  • Venting Window with Predator Resistant Wire Screening
  • Top Level has a Wooden Floor
  • Lower Level has a Dirt Floor
  • All Exposed Lumber ACQ Treated
  • Access Doors for Top and Lower Level
  • Chicken Ladder for Birds to Access Top Level
  • Supplied with our Handmade Wooden Feeder
  • Rooster Silhouette


  • Metal Roofing add $75.00
  • Removable Top Wooden Floor add $50.00 click here to view this option
  • Removable Roosts in Top Level add $40.00
  • Wire Floor In Lower Level add $45.00 for 3x6
  • Wire Floor in Lower Level add $80.00 for 4x8

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