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The Hen Hut


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Size Available Price Number of Birds Number of Nests Building Space Pen Space
4x4 $1,761.00 4-6 2 45"x45" 45"x45"



  • Painted smart panel roof and sides
  • Painted wood trim
  • Roof Hinges for easy access and cleaning
  • Heavy guage 1x2 welded wire on outside pen
  • Building interior has a wooden floor
  • Outside pen is a dirt floor
  • Roosting poles inside
  • Window for natural lighting and ventilation with predator resistant wire screening
  • Access door for both building and pen
  • Small acces chicken doors in both building and pen
  • Venting window in back wall with predator resistant wire screening
  • Supplied with our handmade wooden feeder
  • Rooster silhouette

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