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Build Your Own Coop


The following are items which are hard to find and or you have to buy in large quantities elsewhere

When Ordering add all items you would like to your shopping cart.

Then fill out all the shipping and payment information. We will review each order and get back with you on a final cost with freight.

"We will not charge any credit card until we have spoken with you and have given you a final price"

Rooster Silhouette $15.00

Nest Boxes

Several Sizes Available

Chicken Feeders

Several Sizes Available

Pre Made Wire Doors

Several Sizes Available

Small Wire Doors

Use for Chicken Doors

Several Sizes Available

Custom Made Windows Several Sizes Available
Aluminum Window

24" x 24" With Heavy

Wire Screen


Nesting Pads

Standard Size

12" x 12"

Price $5.00 each


Sold by the  Linier Foot

$2.70 6-0 x 1-0

Skylight for Natural Lighting Several Sizes Available
Weathervanes Several Styles Available
Custom Made Cupolas Several Sizes Available


"Hanging Feeders, Etc"

$1.35 Foot

Hardware / Building Components

Several Choices Available
Timer for Automatic Lighting Price $75.00