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Sizes   Number Number Inside Outside Total Total Overall
Available Price of Birds of Nests Building Space Pen Space Sq Footage Length
3x7 $1,677.00 3-4 3 9 12 21 9 Feet
4x7 $2,021.00 4-6 3 12 18 30 10 Feet


Features Included:

  • Painted Smart Panel Roofing and Siding
  • Painted Wood Trim
  • Nesting Box
  • Outside Egg Collection Door
  • Window with Anti-Predator Screen
  • Removable Roosts
  • (2) Rear Doors for easy cleaning
  • Large Front access doors
  • Intergraded Handles for easy moving
  • Pen has NO floor
  • Heavy gauge 1x2 Galvanized Welded Wire on Outside Pen
  • Supplied with our hanging chicken feeder
  • Rooster Weathervane
  • Rooster Silhouette 


  • Metal Roofing
  • Wire Floor in O/S Pen

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